Active Sites

Loop - My anime OP/ED TCG from 2010, revived and reworked

Static/Retired Sites

Mata Ashita! - The one and only Ouran High School Host Club TCG. Was halfway through a revamp, but I never got around to finishing it.
Ketsuron - An anime/manga/game character TCG that has been gone for quite some time (it was adopted out to Becca, but its still gone)
Ninja Song - My first TCG, it has been gone for a very, VERY long time.


PuzzleMANIA - A puzzle TCG created by my friend, Godii.
Psycho's Chocobolate - My friend Godii's trading post, who left the TCG world many years ago.


If you would like to be hosted at, you can head on over to this page and let me know ♥